Saturday, August 4, 2007

I've Got Butterflies!

Who wouldn't have butterflies after seeing this incredible desk by Piero Fornasetti in a home by world renowned architect Moshe Safdie. Interiors come to life at the hand of designer Suzy Hoodless. House and Garden, February 2006

This is just part of the breath taking 7 foot wide, 6.5 foot tall fiber-optic Niagra Chandelier by designer Bobo Sperlein for Spanish ceramics maker Lladro. It is made up of 300 3-inch tall porcelain Fairies (which at first glance look like a mass of white butterflies!) Stunning! House and Garden, December 2006, Photo by Coppi Barbieri

Three generations of designers came together to create this confection of a Dining Room. Elizabeth Pyne, mother Anne Pyne and grandmother Betty Sherrill, both of McMillen, Inc. collaborated in choosing this butterfly wallpaper by Osborne and Little: Papilio Prints Alium. I also can't resist the Rene-Lucien Prou iron chairs! House and Garden, November 2006, Photo by James Merrell

This lovely and restful Dining Room by designer Kevin Carrigan of Calvin Klein and partner architect Tim Firzer shows that traditional collection of framed butterflies translates beautifully in a more contemporary setting. Elle Decor, June 2007; photo by Roger Davies

So now that butterflies are all you can think about, let's go do some shopping!

This beautiful wallpaper on the left is from the Spring Lake collection from Thibaut called Lillian (Fabric also available). Architectural Digest, August 2006. I think the 1st dibs lamps with the butterfly cut-outs would look lovely in a bedroom with this wallpaper!

I could see these paper butterfly shadowboxes from Martha Stewart Crafts (as seen on Happy Mundane blog) in a room with these great side tables by House Eclectic (available in lots of great colors!)

And I came across these wonderful butterfly block prints by Esty artist Amanda Kindregan (a steal at $12.00!) There are more fab prints on her website that are well worth the visit!


Suzy said...

The wallpaper from Thibaut is sooo pretty!

Arch said...

Beautiful post...I love the side tables with butterflies on them.

Have a great day.

Bhavna said...

I love the black desk with butterfly inlay! It looks like it is made of mother of pearl (?) said...

I love butterflies and they are supposed to be good luck. That wallpaper from Thibaut is very beautiful and it is something I think one would never tire of.

Mélanie said...

So funny I've written a post last week about butterfly design . I love it .( )
The Fornasetti's desk is wonderful . I love this designer and I use a lot of his fabric .
Mélanie xxx

katiedid said...

Good Morning everyone! It is so nice to wake up in the morning after a post and see all the comments!
I love the Thibaut wallpaper too, so fresh. And the desk is magic! I will have to look more carefully into how it was made Bhavna. I will update the post when I find out.
Melanie - Your fabrics are wonderful! I hope everyone gets a chance to visit your post!
Have a great day all!

girl meets glamour said...

I love all your finds!!! Esp. the room featured in H & G, with the O & L wallcovering :)

Sarah Jennings said...

A great and unusual theme. I enjoyed the post!

Splaneyo said...

I really love the wallpaper!

the House of Beauty and Culture said...

Love the butterfly theme.
I must say I am taken aback by the McMillen room. Normally I never pass comment on another decorator's work - but in this instance I feel I must.
I think the best way to put it is - the apples that have fallen from Mrs. Sherrill's tree might in fact be lemons?!?! It does, however, explain why Paloma Picasso never became a painter.

annechovie said...

Love this post! Such pretty things!

katiedid said...

Hello again! I am glad you all enjoyed the post!
HBC, the world would indeed be a dull place if we all had the same opinion. I do understand yours. If we all had the same taste, I guess we designers would be out of work! ;-)

The Peak of Chic said...

I remember seeing that Fornasetti desk and falling in love with it. Gorgeous! I also like Elizabeth Pyne's apt- I think it's perfect for a 20 something woman.

katiedid said...

I love the desk too! I seem to have a habit of posting my favorite images first. That desk was, in fact, what prompted the post! I also thought the apt. was perfect for a young woman. ;)