Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dragons and Tigers

On the surface, my neighborhood may seem like the normal garden variety all-American place to live. It has shady, tree-lined streets. There are beautiful gardens with blooming azaleas and Chinese Maple trees.

In Spring, there are iris and lambs ear, magnolias and cherry trees blossoming.

Most passers-by are fooled into thinking my neighborhood is just another pretty place to live. A place where the neighbors plant rock roses and iris around the stop signs. A place where the kids are picked up in carpools for school, and cars are given a wash on the weekends.

But they would be wrong........ We have a secret. We have people that are extraordinary here. And we have creatures that are strange and beautiful.

There are dragons here with red and golden wings, and cobalt scales. They breath fire from mouths agape with sharp white teeth.

We have white tigers with ruby red eyes that stand guard to protect us from any who would harm us.

There are fairies with gossamer wings of opalescent glass who look from the windows.

There are griffins and flying fish.

There are hobbits in holes.

And we have miniature gardens for the gnomes and brownies that gather here.

And the people here are artists and magicians. They can create new worlds from the clay of the earth. They can entrance and mesmerize the lucky few who chance upon their handiwork.

Not an ordinary neighborhood, this.

The owners of this house have been working to create handmade tiles to adorn their house since long before I moved here over 16 years ago. Every year there is some new treasure to discover. There is a glimpse of some scaffolding in the far left of the last picture indicating there will soon be more to capture the imagination.


Marie Louise said...

Wow, where do you live. It looks fabulous there. I was in San Fran and Napa two years ago and it is beautiful in Northern CA. I've always been East Coast but your pics make me long for the West!

katiedid said...

Hi Marie Louise!
Thanks for the visit. I live in Sacramento, CA. Sactown is about an hour and a half North East of San Francisco. We do have beautiful Springs and Falls here. Summer is very hot though, sometimes it will be 100 degrees and up for a week at a time. But in the central city areas we have tons of shade trees that can cut that heat by 10 degrees!

Diana said...

Wonderful pictures - thanks for giving us a glimpse!

Pigtown-Design said...

What an incredible house! And such dedicated artists to do it for everyone!

Marie Louise said...

Sacramento! I am a Sales & Marketing Manager for the steakhouse chain Morton's and there is one there in Sactown, as you call it. A lovely girl by the name of Kendra has my position there. Now I know what a gorgeous place she lives in. Spring is just arriving here on the east coast - daffodils, magnolia's etc. It was a long winter!

katiedid said...

Hi Diana and Meg!
When I first saw this house, I was really surprised to find it. When my kids were little, they used to love to walk over and inspect every square inch. We do have alot of artists that live in my neighborhood, and many have made studios in their detached garages. There are art studio walks occasionally where you get a chance to see where they work. It's a really great place to live.

Cote de Texas said...

That's amazing! The pictures of your neighborhood are so beautiful - it looks so bucolic - whatever that means! And that house! how fun is that for your kids.


Sarah Campbell said...

Hi Katie!

Great pics and what a cool house! I've never seen it and I know Midtown/East Sac really really well?? Where is this???


Carlos Rivera said...

Thank you for the tour. I've seen this house in passing but never in this fashion, keep this up' I'll be reading.

Stephanie said...

This is fabulous! We too live in such a neighborhood and my daughter sent me your way and said "I fear this will be our house :)"

Style Court said...

Fascinating Katie. I'm so glad you shared this little peek with us!

katiedid said...

Hi Sarah and Carlos!
Thanks for visiting. It's nice to know some fellow Sacramentans.:)

We do have a great town don't we?

The house is in a neighborhood south of midtown. Sarah, if you email me I can tell you more detail.

Thanks for stopping in!

katiedid said...

Hi Joni! It is crazy fun, huh? The older neighborhoods do not have CC&R's so are much more likely to be pretty unique. I think it is so much fun.

katiedid said...

Hi Stephanie!
Are you an artist too? There was a house in our neighborhood that had a two story tall fresco of a male and female Egyptian gods once, since painted over. I think the neighbors heaved a sigh of releif when it was gone. It was a little over the top! Haha!

JLC Studio said...

Wow! Great post!! I love your descriptions and place!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Wow, what a fascinating world you have around you!

Thanks for sharing such neat stuff!