Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Roy McMakin Follow-up

As a follow-up to the previous post, I'd thought it would be very worthwhile to show you some of Roy McMakin's other wonderful work.

Roy McMakin originally started the company Domestic Furniture in Los Angeles and San Diego. Joining forces with talented craftspeople, his designs are now realized by the company Big Leaf Manufacturing in Seattle, Washington.

These are but a few of his playful creations.

Now that summer is on it's way, these pieces conjure images of beach cottages.

The colors are strong and clear, but the forms are described as "temporally ambiguous".

Architecture has also found it's way into the company's repertoire and goes by the name Domestic Architecture. While utilizing recognizable vernaculars, whether it be Tudor, Spanish, or Cape Cod, Domestic Architecture tweeks things just to keep you on your toes.

A remodel of a Tudor Style house carries it into another realm.

This house reminds me of a family house at Balboa Beach California where I spent every summer growing up. Perhaps this is what draws me to it, especially this time of year.

I can just see this space filled with kids in bright bathing suits and striped beach towels. The perfect backdrop.

Be sure to visit the Domestic Architecture site. The images there are wonderful, but not downloadable.


Leah said...

Hmmm ... I think the additions to the Tudor house put it pretty squarely in the realm of "remuddling."

I love old homes and modern architecture -- but smooshing the two together like this sort of disrespects *both* styles, and just winds up looking unfortunate, IMHO.

Feel free to disagree, tho!



katiedid said...

Hi Leah!
You make a very good point, and I do not disagree. I think there have been successful cases where a remodel can take an historic style and make it more interesting, but the ones I have liked usually leave the front facade alone and open up the back to an outdoor space, for example. There have been some Victorians in SF I remember seeing that have done this successfully. This Tudor, not so sure.

Great topic for discussion though. Anyone else have an opinion here?

maison21 said...

the domestic showroom was pretty close to my house when it was in los angeles (on beverly blvd), and i would often go in to browse mcmakin's spare and witty designs. could afford to buy anything back then, but it was inspiring.

funny coincidence- my family used to rent a run-down shack on balboa island for a week or two every summer when i was a kid, and i have very fond memories of it. my mom and i would stroll around the island every evening at dusk and be total voyeurs by peering into everyone's homes to see how they were decorated!

katiedid said...

Hi M21!
I used to be a voyuer too! So many cute little places back then. It is alot different now, don't you think? But there is still the Fun Zone Ferris Wheel and they still have Balboa Beach Bars and Frozen Bananas on the island.

The house we had was built by my grandfather and I guess was one of the first on the penninsula. It was a very small, but very cute little adobe style with a flat roof like the house in the post. There was an apartment above the garage, so two families of cousins stayed at the same time...always a bunch of kids to play with. Sigh...I miss it.

Didn't you just love it there in the summer?

Pigtown-Design said...

I love the chairs in the top image. they're such fun!

SUSAN said...

I love Roy McMakin's furniture!!! I currently have 2 sofas from his Beverly Blvd. store, Domestic Furniture, for sale. My family has loved them for years. They need reupholstering and I have all of the information on exactly what fabric should be used. Let me know if you are interested and want pictures, etc.
-Susan, Santa Monica sjsalps@aol.com