Saturday, January 17, 2009

Garage Sale at 1st Dibs?

African Beaded Club Chairs from Mary Ann Jones. The pair is offered at $2,500, down from $3,600. I love the character and unique whimsical quality.

Yard Sales and Garage Sales in the middle of Winter? 1st Dibs has gotten a jump on the season with a new Saturday Sale which started first thing this morning. My first thought was, yeah...but can I really afford even the sale prices? It looks like the answer is YES! I was really amazed at some of the discounts, some more than half off. And perhaps the prices were a bit inflated to begin with. But there are some truly wonderful things that are much more in the realm of possibility here. These are but a few things that tickled my fancy:

1940's French Iron 2 Arm Sconces in the style of Royere from Orange. $500 down from $1500. Nice!

19th Century Chinese Incense Burners from Thomas Jolly Antiques. I am seeing this color green coming on in a major way.

Faux Bois Table from Balsamo. $1.950 down from $3,800.

I cannot resist Faux Bois. This one looks like it comes with it's own moss garden. A Beauty.

Oval Sunburst Mirror from 145 Antiques. $400 down from $1,800.

I like not so expected shape. 145 Antiques seems to have some of the best deals. I would check them out pronto.

Pagoda Style Ceramic Lamps from Prime Gallery LLC. $750 down from $1,400.

Not so "pagoda" that they are obviously trendy, and the black color would suit almost any space.

French Provincial Pottery from 145 Antiques. $150 down from $450.

Need I say more about 145 Antiques?

Faux Tortoise Tall Chests from Home and Antiques. $1,200 each down from $1900.

I suggest a quick look over at 1st dibs this morning before all the good stuff is snapped up by those annoying little early birds. And if you are a bit late to this sale, do not despair. You can catch the next 1st Dibs Saturday Sale next weekend! Maybe I'll see you there haggling over that cute Faux Bamboo Yellow Lamp from Andrew Spindler Antiques:


Laura Casey Interiors said...

I am wishing the Gardner Swedish settee was a little more in the garage sale price range!

Thanks for the tip on 145 Antiques!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tip! I never would have known and I go to that site all the time.

Visual Vamp said...

Well you found some things that are affordable ha ha!
xo xo

Beautiful Living said...

I was browsing the sale, but I really think the prices are outrageously inflated. Spend some time on ebay or craigslist and you'll find identical items for a fraction of the price.

Blue Muse said...

Hi Katie!

I love those beaded club chairs - What a great shot of happiness in the dead of winter! (not that we get that here, but you know what I mean!) The french pottery urn and the little faux bois table are so yummy. ... can't shop... must paint... LOL

Hey, thanks for you visit to my little world and for all your kind words. It means a lot.

Enjoy your day, and happy shopping!
xo Isa

Velvet and Linen said...

Isn't 1st Dibs the best?
I bought several items from 1st Dibs for my home when we built it 6 years ago.
Love the idea of Saturday sales. What a wonderful way to spend the weekend!


J.Covington*Design said...

I wish I could put my stuff on 1st Dibs! Oh well one day they "might" make a New England listing....the yard sale idea is smart. Funny, I saw a few of those parrots at Atlanta - repro's of course.

Hope you have a great week!