Thursday, January 29, 2009

Talent: Alicia Bock

The Date

I was browsing around Etsy this morning while waiting for a furniture website to come back up so I could email some dining chairs to a client.....and found these. What luck!

These glorious photos are by Alicia Bock and can be purchased here for between $30 and $35 for 8.5"x12" approx. size signed originals.

The Break

Everything That Is Good

Sunlight To Grow


This Is A Memory

These were just a few of my very favorites. Many more to see. They just take you away from the daily grind for a moment, don't they? Blissful.

P.S. Alicia has a lovely blog too! Bloom, Grow, Love

Stop by and say "hi"! You'll be very happy you did. Tell her katiedid sent you!


Kristina said...

you take beautiful photos :)-

Kristina Marie said...

you take beautiful photos

Chris said...

I was just looking at those yesterday , aren't they wonderful.

The Steel Magnolia House said...

I love her work, Katie! Isn't it just beautiful? She is on my favorite sellers for Etsy!

Ivy Lane said...

"The Date" and "The Break" are my faves!

katiedid said...

Hi Kristina!
Thanks for the visit! I wish I could take credit for these, but Alicia must take all the applause!
Beautiful aren't they?

katiedid said...

Hi Chris!
Thanks for stopping in and saying hi! I can't beleive I didn't know about these before. Love'em.

Hi SMH! Thanks for visitng! I have to get to etsy more often! :)

kathemc(at)gmail(dot)com said...

Hey there -- if you have any pull with the artist, please have her contact me. I bought two photos via her etsy shop on Jan 13th, and have not heard from her (or received the items). They're both paid for already via PayPal -- in fact, one of the ones I ordered was the "This Is A Memory" image you also liked. I love her work and would really like these, so like I said, if you're in contact with her, please have her contact me. Have already emailed her AND messaged her via etsy, so at this point I am trying anything. :)

Callie Grayson said...

wow just beautiful. i will have to add her to my favorite list.
her photos are just dreamy.

kathemc(at)gmail(dot)com said...

Strike that, reverse that - she just messaged me via etsy. Sorry to drag you into the drama!

Velvet and Linen said...

I can't believe the amount of incredible talent that can be found perusing etsy. Alicia Block's artwork is fabulous. Love "The Date"
What a wonderful way to start the weekend, Katie.
Thank you.


Renee Finberg said...

i am going to check it out.
i like the book concept .

Blue Muse said...

I love your choices of her fabulous work. I can smell the cotton candy when I look at The Date and I'd love to have lavenlight and A memory in my room.
Thanks for the introduction!
Happy weekend, Katie!
xo Isa

KatyO! said...

I love her work! She has been a "favorite" of mine on Etsy for awhile. I didn't know she had a blog though ... good to know!

Mélanie said...

J'adore the ambiance on these photos , they hav so much nostalgia on them

Style Court said...

I've been spending so much time browsing too. Exquisite and affordable! And Katie, I'm thrilled about the Veranda issue also :)