Friday, June 12, 2009

Things Are Coming Along

We have been trying to get the backyard somewhat livable so we can have people over and not be too embarrassed this Summer. For those of you who have been following along with me while we “home improve”, you will remember what our yard looked like just a couple of months ago. If not, you can click here and here to feel my pain. The pain is starting to grow less severe….but we still have a ways to go.

But here are some progress pictures. Above is our Perennial garden. We have mini eco-systems in our yard: some super shady areas and some super sunny areas. This area is perfect for things like Salvia, Mexican Sage, Lamb’s Ear and the like.


We have been planting a few small fruit trees as well. My husband and I are at odds as to whether they will grow very well on the North side of the house. We will see! They are pretty for now! Lots’ of filling in to do.

Tim also finished the railing and filled in the area under the deck with lattice. The “before” is right here:back of house

It really was just a few months ago things looked like this. Oy! We now have a concrete slab that will have to do for now until we have funds to cover it with blue stone. That is the long term plan anyway. We may stain the concrete until that happens.backyard before

We’ve also been filling in the side yard with various ferns like Maiden’s Hair, Monkey Fern, Japanese Fern and Baby Tears. This area is shady almost all day. We could not find stepping stones in the size we wanted, so Tim created a mold from 2x4’s and we made our own. Kids’ hand prints and all. So much better! Again….it is a start. Things need to fill in and we will be adding Creeping Fig to the fence.Side garden This next picture is a “before”. I look out these French Doors everyday while I work… it’s nice to see something out there other than dirt!

Next up…..PAINT! It’ll be awhile I am afraid.basement_railing Have a great weekend…..and go plant something!


thestamfordwife said...

Oh, I love what you've done so far. That shade garden you've got going is adorable - love the pavers you made! I have to ask, is that moss you have growing between your pavers? If so, did you buy it or grow it yourself?

I have moss growing naturally and want it to grow in other areas, but I'm not sure how to make that happen.

pam said...

love the stepping stones and ferns! our backyard is a work in progress too. in fact this weekend my husband is building a pergola so I can have a shade garden since we're all sun. pam

Callie Grayson said...

planting is exactly what i will be doing this weekend! your post is so inspirational..... i hope my garden looks as beautiful as yours.

mary said...

The garden is looking goooood. I love the side yards with the ferns and stepping stones. One comment: I lived in a house for several years that had creeping fig (which had migrated from the neighbors)--although really green and pretty--it was a keep trim and civilized. It was pretty invasive and not in a good way, except for its lushness.
I love all of your posts.

Alicia said...

The side area is already my favorite spot..I'm a sucker for baby's tears. If you want to age the look up a bit a you do a buttermilk moss wash. It works quickly & gives a wonderful mythical quality.
I can't to see more!!!!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

It looks great now...but in time it'll be gorgeous!

We are also making some big stones for our front walkway!

Southern Aspirations said...

You are making so much progress! Well done- I'm envious. :-) Our backyard project seems never-ending.

Marie Cole said...

You are making really good progress, it's all going to grow really fast this summer and everyday your yard will transform a little more just by growing.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I adore the stepping stones with all the green creepies! You're much better than the expensive choice. I have seen some stained concrete in a friend's restaurant that looks amazing.

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

agnes szucs said...

Such a good idea, making your own stepping stones! They look really professional. Best, szucs

Mrs. Blandings said...

It looks great - and it's so much WORK. Not a start - significant progress. I've been thinking about ferns myselt - you're an inspiration.

Julio said...

It's coming along beautifully Katie. I cannot wait to see the end result. I know it will turn out magnificent.

Sanity Fair said...

It's going so well! Nice work.

Renae said...

I really like your house and your landscaping is coming along will be gorgeous when it all fills in!
Each time you look at you will enjoy the fruits of your labor!